How To Rent An Apartment: What To Take Into Account When Choosing The Ideal Apartment?

Have you been a tenant before? If this is not your case but you need to rent an apartment, maybe you know someone who has been and has confessed how difficult it is to find the ideal home . If you do not want to find yourself the first week in your new apartment with defects that you had not seen before, you should read this article.

We give you the keys to rent an apartment running the least possible risks . We explain what your rights and duties as tenants are, key to understanding well with the landlord. Also, if things go wrong, we tell you what you must take into account to act.

Renting a flat: where to start?

Before you start to see photos of flats in real estate and web pages you must be clear about certain things:

  • You must make sure that you are going to be able to pay each month , so define very well how much money you can spend on housing, so you can better narrow your search. Keep in mind that the housing expense does not only include rent, but also the payment of utility bills . It is best not to exceed 35%
  • Do not forget that when entering the apartment, in addition to the month of rent, the owner will ask you for a deposit .
  • How long do you want to rent? Think that many homeowners will ask for a minimum of one year. If you leave the home before that time, the owner can ask you for compensation.
  • It is essential to have the documentation up to date , both the DNI and the NIE if you are a foreigner are essential. The landlord may ask you for documents that prove your financial solvency: payroll, bank history …

What is the best way to rent an apartment?

    • Register in more than one real estate portal , such as Idealista or Fotocasa. In this type of portals you can establish search parameters and preferences so that they keep you informed of the news that fit your tastes.
    • Think about which area of ​​the city is ideal for you. In city centers, prices are usually higher, but the further you go from the center, you will likely have to consider the time and money it will take to travel to the center or to your workplace.
    • Assess the neighborhood and the establishments or public places in the area . For example, living near the airport means listening to planes landing and taking off all day. Once you go to visit the apartment, ask the landlord about the neighbors, the atmosphere of the street at night or on weekends …
    • In addition to seeing the apartment, take a look at the facilities and services offered by the community . If you have a good and well-maintained elevator, the lighting, the care of the green areas – if any – …
  • Visit the floors with someone you trust . On the one hand, that it assures you a plus of criteria when determining the characteristics of the apartment, the landlord and the community. On the other hand, and especially if you are young and you are going to rent the apartment by yourself, someone you trust the landlord, such as your parents.

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