Malaysian Serama Bantams

Malaysian serama, Serama bantams, World's smallest Chicken

                                                                       The Malaysian Serama


Above - Home bred serama youngsters of Malay ideal bred by myself in 2014 

Welcome to my website! This site is dedicated to the worlds smallest breed of chicken - the Malaysian Serama.

Here in my site I hope to offer information on this wonderful tiny breed and promote the breed here in the UK and all over the World.

The serama appeared as a pure breed about 17 years ago though its thought that work to produce the breed began in the 1980's. 

This striking variety of poultry is so small that in Malaysia many are kept in the house!

The serama is characterized by its high held tail, low wings, prominent breast and upright jaunty character.

The serama was imported into the UK in 2004 and has grown in popularity ever since, to the point where it is one of the most popular varieties of true bantam.

Serama bantams weigh less than 500g (Usually under 350g though 500g is the exhibition weight limit here in the UK) and are sexually mature as young as 16 weeks.

Serama lay tiny eggs which vary in colour shades from white, cream, tinted, peach and even brownish.

Serama chicks are very tiny yet they are active and feisty, though can be difficult to hatch.

The serama, as with many Malaysian & Indonesian poultry varieties do not adhere to any colour standards in their home country.

This means that any feather colour combination, any leg colour, eye colour and earlobe colour is acceptable, the same goes for here in the UK though this does differ in the USA and in some European countries, where red ear lobes and yellow legs are desired.

The serama is available in 3 feather types - Normal straight feathered, Silkie feathered and Frizzle feathered.